Rebecca Belzer


Rebecca is a dedicated, empathetic and skilled family lawyer who believes that great communication is the key to a successful outcome for you in your family law matter. Rebecca has over 4 years’ experience in family and property law, together with over 10 years’ experience in an in-house legal role, in the financial sector and as a researcher.

She was drawn to specialising in family law in order assist people who are experiencing a difficult period in their lives by providing legal expertise, sound advice and empathy to her clients as they navigate the family law process.

Rebecca believes it is important to explore all avenues for amicable resolution of a matter prior to commencing litigation, including meaningful and genuine negotiation between the parties (or their lawyers), mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. By maintaining strong relationships with her clients and colleagues and ensuring all options are considered, she can obtain the best possible outcome for her clients.

She also has extensive experience in property law and can assist you with all aspects of any property decisions that you make after your family law matter is resolved.

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