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Navigate The Uncertainty Of De Facto Separation With Confidence

The breakdown of a de facto relationship can be emotionally difficult, and can leave you unsure about what the future holds. What’s more, legal separation can often be complicated and stressful.

At Nolan Lawyers, we take the time to understand your unique situation and concerns and will guide you through the entire process with compassion and empathy.

You can be confident that your case is being handled by de facto family law experts with extensive experience in helping people just like you.

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Why Choose Nolan Lawyers to Handle Your De Facto Separation Process?

We make sure that we understand your individual circumstances so that you can prove your de facto relationship status correctly, the first time. Our team will guide you through the separation process with compassion and our experienced de facto relationship lawyers will always act in your best interests, fighting for an outcome that’s fair to you and your ex-partner.

Here is why we’re a great choice to manage your de facto separation:

Focus On The Best Outcome

We focus on securing the best outcome possible for both parties through professional legal representation and will always try to avoid going to court.

Frequent & Consistent Communication

We’re always available to answer any questions and we provide frequent, consistent communication on your case’s progress.

Pragmatic Advice & Straight Answers

Our team offers pragmatic advice and straightforward answers, so you know exactly where you stand and what your options are.

A Customised Strategy

Since no two divorce cases are the same, you’ll get a detailed, customised plan based on your specific situation, so that you know what to expect throughout the process.


You will have focused attention from a compassionate team that genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing.

Professional Representation

We provide professional representation that is focused on securing the best outcome possible.

What To Consider When Choosing A De facto Relationship Lawyer


It’s important that you find a family lawyer who has experience handling de facto relationship cases with compassion and empathy. We will take the time to understand your unique situation so that we can provide you with guidance and support throughout the process.

Straightforward Advice

Your family lawyer should help you understand the process and what’s required to achieve a fair outcome for both parties. At Nolan Lawyers, we’re transparent about the likely outcome for your situation, so you know exactly where you stand and the action you need to take.

Avoid Court

The goal of any separation should be a fair settlement for both parties while avoiding court. Our team of expert family lawyers are skilled negotiators who will always pursue a collaborative separation or mediation over a court settlement, saving you time, money and stress.


Your lawyer should be available when you need to speak to them, and since there’s a lot of admin involved, it’s easier if your lawyer is close by. We always make sure we respond to any questions within a reasonable time frame and we are conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

What To Expect From The De Facto Break-up Process

Going through a breakup can feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions. It’s important that your family lawyer understands your unique situation and can guide you compassionately through the de facto relationship separation process.

If you’re in a de facto relationship, although you have the same rights as married couples, there can be added complexity as supplying evidence of your relationship can sometimes be difficult. But it’s mandatory if you want to protect your assets and claim what you are legally entitled to.

Our expert solicitors will assess your relationship against a number of legislative criteria, to prove your de facto status. Based on this assessment, we’ll advise on whether you’re entitled to claim assets from your ex-partner, or if you need to hand over assets. Our family lawyers are experienced in de facto separations and will navigate you through the process using simple language with empathy and compassion.

Here’s what you can expect for a de facto relationship separation in Sydney:

  • It’s important that you begin the court application process within two years of the breakup.
  • You’ll need to decide how to divide your property, including the family home, cars and boats, household and personal items, business and property investments, superannuation, home loan debt, and money owing on credit cards or personal loans.
  • Under superannuation splitting laws, you may be entitled to some of your ex-partner’s super, or they’ll get some of yours.

In validating your relationship, the Court will look at any or all of the following:

  • How long you’ve been in a relationship;
  • Your current living arrangements and property;
  • The degree of financial dependence or interdependence between you and your partner;
  • The degree of mutual commitment to a shared life;
  • Whether the relationship is or was registered; and
  • The care and support of your children.

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We want to help you through this uncertain time. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation where we provide you with expert advice relating to your specific de facto relationship situation. After attending the session you will walk away with:

  • Answers to all of your questions about the de facto separation process, specific to your situation.
  • A clear plan around timelines, processes, and costs.
  • The confidence and knowledge that you are ready to tackle what can be a difficult and emotional time.

We genuinely want you to feel safe and supported throughout the process and can’t wait to hear from you.