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You’ll walk away with answers to all of your questions and the confidence and knowledge that you are ready to tackle what can be a very difficult time.

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Family Law Services

Family Lawyer

Whatever your family law issue, we have the experience and expertise to help you and your family.

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De Facto Relationships

We help you navigate the added complexity of a de facto relationship ensuring you receive a fair settlement.

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Property Settlements

Selecting an experienced family lawyer to handle your property settlement case is critical to ensure a positive outcome.

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Divorce Lawyer

We help you navigate one of the most difficult times of your life with compassion, empathy and experience.

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Consent Orders

We ensure you have court approved consent orders in place to protect you from any claims now or in the future.

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Prenuptial Agreements

We help you navigate what can be an awkward, but often necessary process with your new partner.

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Child Custody Lawyer

We will provide you with expert advice and support during what can be an extremely difficult and emotional time

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Collaborative Law

We can help you understand what an equitable outcome looks like, and what assets you may be entitled to.

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Parenting Agreements

Nolan Lawyers provides support and empathy to every parenting arrangement and child custody case.

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Meet Our Experienced Family Law Team

Our team of experienced family lawyers understand that the only winners in long, drawn out court battles are lawyers.

Instead, we strive on your behalf to find mutually acceptable agreements with both parties before matters proceed to court. This can help you achieve a reasonable outcome in a professional and effective manner.

The idea of a “bulldog lawyer fighting for you” is outdated. 

An aggressive, combative approach can result in a lengthy and expensive process that is damaging for all parties.

Instead we focus on being open and communicative to create an amicable and equitable outcome for you and your dependants – while remaining highly capable in confidently championing your rights.

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