Do I need a Will?

One question I get asked a lot is “Do I need a Will?

Nearly half of all Australians don’t have a valid Will.
There are many reasons why you should make a Will, including:

  • Fundamentally, a Will permits a person, subject to certain limitations (such as family provision claims), to dispose of their property as they wish.
  • If you die without a Will, leaving the distribution of your estate in accordance with the statutory provisions on intestacy, there is no guarantee that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.
  • A Will can cover other important matters, including:
    • the appointment of your executor(s) – the person(s) you wish to carry out the administration of your estate
    • the appointment of any trustee(s) and guardian(s) of your minor children
    • the payment of debts
    • funeral directions and burial wishes

Do I need to review my Will?

If your circumstances have changed since you last made your Will, you will need to review it.  If one or more of the following applies to you, you should update your Will:

  • You got married or divorced;
  • You are in a new relationship;
  • You have had a child; or
  • A beneficiary has died.

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