Testamentary trusts explained

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Testamentary trusts can be a very effective estate planning tool to assist in providing for spouses, children and grandchildren, and are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the advantages they offer. A Testamentary Trust is any trust established under a Will, but the term is usually used in the context of a [...]

Keep calm: e-Conveyancing is coming…

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For the past 150 years when completing a property settlement, it has been necessary for lawyers and banks to physically meet up to check and swap documents and cheques so that settlement can occur. Upon settlement, the purchaser becomes the new owner of the land and assumes the legal rights of the title of that [...]

Grandparents: your rights to see your grandchildren

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If you are a grandparent and face the sad circumstance of a relationship breakdown in your family, you may be worried about your right to continue seeing much-loved grandchildren. Unfortunately, some grandparents only see their grandchildren at school events or from the sideline at sporting events. In Australia, grandparents have legal rights to approach the [...]